International Conference in Geometry and Analysis,
Nanjing 2007


This international conference will describe some recent advances in the areas of Riemannian Geometry, Kaehler geometry, 
non linear PDE and mirror symmetry. This will be the third conference in geometry and analysis held at Nanjing
University so far, for information about the previous two workshops, visit here and here.  

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Date: Aug 5 - Aug 11, 2007

Location : West Building, Dept. of Math.; 11th floor, Men Min Wei Building, Institute of Mathematical Science(IMS), Nanjing University

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Co-chairs:Gang Tian (Princeton & Nanjing), Xingwang Xu (Singapore)

Co-secretaries:Jianguo Cao (Notre Dame), Xiaoping Yang (Nanjing)

Scientific Committee :
Werner Ballmann, University of Bonn, Germany;
Weiyue Ding, Peking University and Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Akito Futaki, Japan
Jiaxing Hong, Fudan University;
Gang Tian, Princeton University and Nanjing University;
Paul Yang, Princeton University, USA;
Organizing Committee :
Jianguo Cao, (University of Notre Dame, USA);
Decheng Ding, (Nanjing University);
Jiaqiang Mei, (Nanjing University);
Hongyu Wang, (Yangzhou University);
Xingwang Xu, (Nantional University of Singapore);
Xiaoping Yang, (Nanjing)
Huicheng Yin, (Nanjing University)

Travel Information for Nanjing Conference 2007


The conference shall be held in the campus of Nanjing University. Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu province of China. It is a large city with about population of 3 million. Nanjing is in the east part of China, by the Yangtze River, 320 kilometers west to Shanghai. In Chinese, Nanjing means the south capital, while Beijing means the north capital. In the 3000 years history of China, Nanjing was chosen as the capital for 6 dynasties.


One way to Nanjing is by taking a flight to Beijing first, then change another flight to Nanjing. By air, there is very good connection between Beijing and Nanjing. Everyday, there are 11 flights from Beijing to Nanjing. There are also 11 flights back to Beijing.

Another way to Nanjing is by taking a flight to Shanghai, then take train to Nanjing. The express train takes 2 hours and 13 minutes. One can take taxi from the Shanghai Pudong airport to the Shanghai Railway Station, it costs about 140 Chinese Yuan (1 US dollar = 7.8 Chinese Yuan, 1 Euro=9.70 Chinese Yuan). There is also shuttle bus from the Shanghai Pudong airport to the Shanghai Railway Station, which is much cheaper: you may take Airport bus Line No.5 which costs about 18 Chinese Yuan from the airport to the Shanghai Railway Station(last stop of the bus). One can also take the long distance bus from the Shanghai Pudong airport to Nanjing(about 5 hours), the schedule is 10:20, 12:50, 14:50, 16:50, 19:20.

New: dowload the file with detailed information here.

The third way to Nanjing is by taking a flight to Hong Kong first, then change another flight to Nanjing. There are 3 flights from HK to Nanjing each day.


All invited guests are arranged to live in a four-star hotel. It is very close to the campus, it takes 5 minutes on foot. The name and address of the hotel is

Nanjing Ramada Plaza Yihua Hotel (华美达怡华酒店)

45 North Zhongshan Road, Nanjing (南京市中山北路45号)

Telephone: 025-83308888

Arrival and Departure: If you will arrive at the Nanjing Railway Station, you may take a taxi to the Hotel, it's about 15 minutes. If you will arrive at the Nanjing Lukou Intl. airport, you may either take a taxi to the hotel, or more effectively, take the Airport Bus to the last stop which is within walking distance to the hotel and to IMS. The taxi or the bus will take about 50 minutes from the airport to downtown. It's very easy to get to IMS, just enter the main gate(located at the Hankou Road) and turn right, IMS is at 11th floor on the tall building you see.

For questions about the conference, please contact Professor Jianguo Cao at


For any other questions, please contact Ms Cheng,the secretary of IMS:

(Tel: 86-25-83686412, Fax: 86-25-83686411).

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