International Conference on Geometric and Complex Analysis

July 13, 2010 --- July 15, 2010, Nanjing


The research of geometric and complex analysis has proved to be extremely stimulating and fruitful. Many beautiful results have already been proved. As examples, the solution of the Calabi conjecture or investigations of Kaehler-Einstein metrics, or of the Kaehler-Ricci flow may be mentioned.

This conference provides an opportunity for the mathematicians in various directions of complex geometry and complex analysis to interact and exchange most up-to-date researches, and to share ideas toward prospering future work.

The conference is organized by the Department of Mathematics and the Institute of Mathematical Science at Nanjing University.

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Conference Location : West Building, Dept. of Math.; 11th floor, Men Min Wei Building, Institute of Mathematical Science(IMS), Nanjing University

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Organizing Committee

Chair: Chongqing Cheng (Nanjing University)


Decheng Ding (Nanjing University)

Jiaqiang Mei (Nanjing University)

Huicheng Yin (Nanjing University)

Jiangong You (Nanjing University)

Scientific Committee

Chair: Gang Tian (Nanjing University and Princeton University)


Jianguo Cao (University of Notre Dame)

Weiyue Ding (Peking University)

Xueping Wang (University of Nantes)

Xingwang Xu (National University of Singapore)

Weiping Zhang (Nankai University)

Hotel: Nanjing Purple Palace (ΔΟΎ©ΧΟ½πΙ½Χ―)   Hotel information (including travelling info)

Contact: Jiaqiang Mei (    Tel: +86-25-83686430  Fax: +86-25-83686411

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